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MacBook Pro laptops have always been known for their high performance, stylish designs and state of the art technology which sets them apart from other versions. Within this article we are going to discuss some technical aspects that are important to know whether you are planning to purchase a MacBook Pro or any other MacBook for that matter. These technical specifications are found in the User Guide. MacBook Pro is a great laptop which can be used by men and women of any age and any profession. We’ll go over some important technical features of MacBook Pro within this article.

RAM – MacBook Pro has four quad core i7 Ivyberry CPU that may help in running all of your applications. FourGB of memory is present in MacBook Pro, but only the first two gigabytes are installed in RAM. The remaining two gigabytes are installed in slower memory that aids in increasing the boot speed of the laptop. The faster RAM assists in raising the processing power and speed of the processor.

Display size – MacBook Pro versions have a regular display size of 13 inches. The screen size can be easily adjusted based on your requirements. The Touch Bar button present on the right side of this notebook has an adjustable size that can be utilized to increase or reduce the size of the screen. If you’re utilizing the MacBook Pro as a tablet then you may adjust the dimensions of the display using the arrow buttons present on the ideal border of this screen.

The spec sheet MacBook Pro 13inch Technical of MacBook Pro suggests this attribute but it doesn’t mention that the memory and hard disk storage at the battery life section. But, according to our technical evaluation, MacBook Pro offers better battery life over the contest. The reason for this phenomenon is the MacBook Pro uses an Intel processor that’s more efficient compared to the AMD chip which is used in many mobile devices. Additionally, MacBook Pro has integrated built-in security attributes like MacAfee and Citrix that assist to secure the information even when you’re away from the computer system.

According to the spec sheets, the MacBook Pro can output HD (high-definition) video with video resolutions up to 1080i. However, the sound output can’t support HD audio formats. To the contrary, the first MacBook Pro introduced with iSight had HD audio assistance along with DCI-P3 sound. However, in the current MacBook Pro upgrades, Apple has stopped support for HD audio and USB video.

Touch Bar button – MacBook Pro versions have a touch sensitive digital pen which may be used to draw or write on the screen. The best point about this button is that you could use it without using pressure on the monitor. But if you want to track something working with the pen, then you want to press the corresponding button. Another interesting feature of the MacBook Pro spec sheet is about the”glider” button this button may be used to input text from Notebook. This feature was present in the very last years of Macbook however it was eliminated from the MacBook Pro for the third time.

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